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Contact Information:
Interested in having a stump removed?

Call: (847) 848-2071

Helpful information:
   - Quantity and location of stumps on your property
   - Size of any restricted access openings (gates, etc).  

JULIE will be contacted to mark any utility lines that might be buried near the stump. After the property is located, I will come out with the stump grinder, give you the estimate and can complete the work, all in one meeting! 

Suburban Stump services a large area in northern Illinois and Chicago Suburbs, based in Lake In The Hills.

Want more information?

E-mail questions to:      Service@Suburbanstumpremoval.com


Business Address:

Suburban Stump Removal
5545 Savoy Dr
Lake In The Hills, IL 60156



Phone: (847) 848-2071  |   E-mail: Service@suburbanstumpremoval.com   |   5545 Savoy Dr, Lake In The Hills IL, 60156